Ethics + Sustainability

We practice what we preach.

As an ethical and sustainable business, hiring a like-minded individual is the most valuable step you can take when outsourcing. Farai Creative is here to prove that these like-minded individuals exist.

Our shared values are what truly enable us to understand our clients’ purposes and messages, to effectively drive growth, and to build and maintain our strong partnerships. Fairness, equity and empowerment, and environmental conservation are just some of our core values that are reflected in our ethics and sustainability policies.



Whether internally or for our clients, we abide by set business, media, and marketing ethics.

Within Farai Creative, all decision making is evaluated through both a business and moral perspective. We practice transparency and honesty, and we are always clear about collaborative, promoted, and sponsored content. We respect consumer privacy and we believe in fair wage for all workers – from product manufacturing right through to product advocacy. We hold government and organisation regulations and standards in the highest regard to ensure no stone is left unturned. Most of all, we encourage open discussions about business ethics and values with our clients to maximise growth and positive impact.


Social and Cultural Sustainability

Diversity, inclusivity, empowerment, and preservation are important to us. There is no greater gift than opportunity and we hope to empower underrepresented professionals during our hiring process as Farai Creative continues to grow.

We donate to social not-for-profits, hand-picked to ensure the preservation of cultural traditions around the globe and to ensure positive social impact. We truly value our clients who work to do the same.


Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to maintaining a positive environmental impact throughout all of our business practices. We donate to environmental not-for-profits, hand-picked to ensure honesty and integrity in working towards global environmental sustainability.

As a digital-based business, our office is proudly zero-waste.

We actively work to reduce our resource and energy usage. Our website is hosted with GreenGeeks [affiliate link] and therefore is carbon-reducing. For every amperage GreenGeeks pulls from the grid, they invest 3 times that in the form of renewable energy.

We do not, and will not ever, exploit or enable the exploitation of the environment and animals and openly advocate for positive environmental impact. We truly value our clients who work to do the same.

Farai Creative is a goodwashing-free and greenwashing-free consultancy.

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