Mission + Values

At the end of a day, we’re fighting for a better, more joyous world.

We’re doing our part in a way we know how.

Our core mission at Farai Creative is to spread the light shone by purpose-driven businesses to power growth and positive impact at the same time.

We know that businesses who value transparency, sustainability and equity not only do good but can also do so well.

Farai Creative is here to maximise that simultaneous growth and impact because we’re behind the idea that there is no better formula than power combined with real purpose.

Farai Creative values social, cultural, environmental, and economical sustainability. We are committed to:

 Farai Creative Values Transparency


We are open and honest in our business operations and in our marketing. We are happy to share any information about our impact on the community and the environment. We are proudly goodwashing-free and greenwashing-free.

Farai Creative Values Equity Empowerment

Equity and empowerment

We donate 10% of our profits to not-for-profits and promote a diverse, inclusive, and empowering workplace. We are an LGBTQ+ ally.

Farai Creative Values Community Development

Community development

Where we can, we choose to do our part for our community and support other local, independent, Australian businesses.

Farai Creative Values Fairness


We believe in fair wage and fair work and do not exploit, or enable to exploitation of, people and communities.

Farai Creative Values Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation

We are greenwashing-free and we do not exploit or enable the exploitation of the environment. As a digital-based business, we are proudly zero-waste. We also actively work to reduce our energy usage and openly advocate for positive environmental impact. Our website is hosted with GreenGeeks and therefore is carbon-reducing. For every amperage GreenGeeks pulls from the grid, they invest 3 times that in the form of renewable energy.

Farai Creative Values Animal Rights

Animal rights

We believe all living creatures should be valued and we do not exploit or enable the exploitation of animals. We support vegan businesses (our Founder and CEO is also plant-powered!).

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

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